Hello! I’m Sarah Langcuster, Alabama born and bred. I’m a writer, writer, traveler, and creator. At four years old I learned to read and never looked back.

I grew up reading and writing stories, but became a relentless perfectionist in college and told myself to give it up. After I read The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende my last semester of Graduate School, I got inspired to write a short story about my own childhood and growing up with ghosts (figurative ones, but also kind of literal ones, too).

Once I got started again, I remembered how great I felt after I wrote something that I decided that I wouldn’t stop again. I’ve learned along the way that if you are looking for an opportunity to do something, and stay open to whatever presents itself, you typically will get to where you’re going. Or somewhere close. Or at least end up somewhere pretty interesting.

I looked around and found a community class on short stories. That led me to join a great  writing group, which helped me to create a body of work. Since then I have been keeping up a regular-ish writing habit.

Towards the end of 2015, I created this site as a way to share resources and inspiration with fellow writers and readers.

Please look around! I hope you find something that helps you here.


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